LAPWING (superhero) Theme Music!

Thanks to Jeremy Mayall and Chris Lam Sam for whipping up this amazing theme music for our retro superhero television series “LAPWING”…

Jeremy and Chris have scored a lot of my earlier work, more of their stuff can be heard on the Scorelocks Collective Facebook Page.

I’m also stoked that we had Matt Scheurich mock up the above LAPWING typography for us to use on the tv show and comic book. You can see more of his awesome work at

A lot of people have been requesting more information about the film and the situation with casting.
Please be patient with us, as we have a lot to do.
We will update the website with much more information about Lapwing and Penny Black as soon as we can…

 ~ Joe


Writing your Sponsorship letter

Sponsorship is one of my least favorite parts of film making. I was lucky that Donna from Moonlighting Marketing Services Ltd helped construct a letter to approach companies who might be interested in sponsoring Penny Black.

In retrospect Donna’s ideas were all very creative and logical, but marketing is not an intuitive process for me so i needed it explained in intricate detail. Here’s a brief summary of her advice:

  1. Think of a catchy subject heading that will encourage people to click open rather than delete. Me and Joe have the fortunate last names of Jackson and Hitchcock so we put them in the subject heading.
  2. Briefly talk about the project.
  3. Imbed photos of your key creatives (don’t attach). We procrastinated about this for quite some time, but people like to see who they are sponsoring so we did it.
  4. Be clear about what you need and why. We are requesting products and services rather than financial sponsorship, so we might ask for, ’20 cases of drink for the cast and crew while we’re on the road’.
  5. Tell them what you can do for them in return. We love to spread the good word about our sponsors, and we take photos and footage of us enjoying their products, and of course we will list them in the closing credits. You can offer product placement, ask them to be extras in your movie, distribute their product, or whatever you think might appeal to a particular company.
  6. And lastly, add a contact number in case they want to talk to an actual person for more information.

Then make a list of potential sponsors that suit your project. Look at their website to see who they already sponsor and if they might be interested in your project, then cross your fingers and start mailing.

We only approach companies we feel a particular affinity with (for example we’re crazy about Hell Pizza and Burgerfuel, our first two sponsors), so we are genuinely excited about promoting their product or service.

I find it really hard to ask for sponsorship. Companies are inundated with sponsorship requests every day, but when they say ‘yes’ it helps stretch our film budget and reminds us that people really are keen to support independent filmmakers.

~ Fiona

Crowdfunding with PledgeMe

Crowdfunding is something that really excites me about independent filmmaking. It involves interacting and connecting with your audience well before your film begins production, and is a great way to gauge interest in your film, practice selling your idea, and of course help raise funds for essential expenses. It’s a relatively new way to fund a film, starting with Indiegogo in 2008, and Kickstarter in 2009, and New Zealand’s first crowdfunding platform PledgeMe in 2011.

Crowdfunding invites fans, family and friends to help fund a project by pledging an amount in exchange for various ‘rewards’. Filmmakers explain what their film is about, who is making it, and how they plan to do it on a micro-budget. And almost all films made in New Zealand are made with budgets that would have Hollywood producers rolling in the plushly carpeted aisles of their private screening rooms.

Rewards range in value from a digital download or a postcard from the set, to a DVD of the finished movie, a role in the film, or even Executive Producer listing in the movie’s credits (which of course includes the thrill of seeing your name up on the big screen).

Crowdfunding is not an easy way to raise money. It’s hard to ask people to take a leap of faith for a movie they haven’t even seen. With no guarantee of turning a profit on a project filmmakers must cut their budget as tightly as possible, and find companies and individuals who are as excited about supporting film projects as you and I.

Keep an eye out for Penny Black’s listing on PledgeMe shortly. It’s been fun to think of interesting rewards to offer, we hope you’ll like them 🙂

– Fiona

ps. If you are a filmmaker have a look at 15 Steps for a successful Kickstarter Project for useful tips on how to approach crowdfunding.

Casting Now!

We have a variety of featured character roles to cast in our epic road movie, appearing all over the north island.

We are particularly interested in finding these lead characters:

  • Penelope, 21 years old – Penny is a unique looking covergirl model who always gets what she wants. She is intelligent, charismatic and funny, with a short temper.
  • Guy, 22 years old – Guy is an anarchist, dumpster diving freegan with rugged good looks. He is a successful small time criminal on his first big mission to take down the world’s largest corporation.
  • Brent, 18 years old – The young looking (and even younger acting) brother of Penelope, Brent is the strange comic relief character. He is obsessed with a superhero named LAPWING, he dresses and speaks like his idol.

Auditions will be held in Auckland, Hamilton and (hopefully) Wellington.

If you are interested in a part for the film, please email a headshot and brief summary of your acting experience (or a link to your work) to  before May 21st.

A few other characters are listed at:

You can also follow the film on our facebook page: