Shooting in Hamilton

As much as we’d rather shoot in warm sun, the rain in Hamilton worked well with the tone of the first part of the movie. We filmed  in and around the dumpsters behind the Silverdale shops (classy location, I know), at the GAS station on Tramway road, at an intersection on Ruakura Road, and in my neighbours apple tree.

We planned some of the locations carefully, and others we decided we’d chose as they appeared with the idea of allowing the actors and crew to interact with the environment as we travel through it. This worked out better than we could ever have hoped. The idea is based on a 50’s French film movement, and the idea that film-making should be an organic process and if we find somewhere amazing on the way, we can decide to stop and shoot there. When we realised the original intersection location would be too busy when we were ready to shoot that scene we thought of other ideas and found the perfect location that wouldn’t involve us holding up traffic.

This approach worked time and time again during the road trip, if only we had as much luck with the temperature!



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