Up bright and early we cruised down to the lake and were greeted by a blanket of fog. And drizzle. Seriously? There’s stunning mountains on the other side of that water?? Undeterred the crew shot a few fun scenes on the shoreline, while I strode off pseudo-confidently to find a café for us to shoot in.

The first café seemed perfect. The exact layout we had in mind, and red chairs, fitting the colour pallet we’d chosen for the film. Within two minutes of walking into Taste  I not only had the perfect location, but the barista had also agreed to play the role of… ‘Barista’ in that scene. It’s always a bit of a concern casting ‘off the street’, particularly when they have dialogue, but Laura completely nailed it, every take.

Our cottage at the All Seasons Holiday Park was amazing. So comfortable it made me start panicking that I’d set the bar too high and the rest of our accommodation would be disappointing by comparison (Fortunately – this didn’t turn out to be the case). With the computer set up everyone gathered around to watch dailies and be impressed by the performances and the quality of the footage we’d captured.

Never fails to get us psyched for the next day 🙂 ~Fiona


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