Three Nights in Napier!

I think the thing I love most about filming outside big cities is how relaxed and helpful everyone is towards filmmakers.  As soon as we arrived in Napier we looked around for a location to film our beach scene and decided the beach at the end of the Bay View Snapper Holiday Park where we were staying would be perfect. I hesitantly approached the owners to ask if we could light a fire on the beach, ready with reassurances of how careful we’d be, water and fire extinguishers on hand, etc., and was greeted with a encouraging “Yes! That’s a GREAT idea! Go for it!!” They even offered to supply us with firewood.

As Toni (playing the role of Alex) was away for the weekend rehearsing a show in Te Aroha we had a pretty relaxing time in Napier. With this in mind, a few of us decided to go swimming at 3am, and within about 30 seconds we were all skittled by an enormous wave, soaked from head to foot, and freezing. Such fun 🙂 I, however, was the only one who managed to get knocked down yet again the following day while trying to collect water to put out the fire. This time I was fully clothed, so I figure I get bonus stupidity points for that effort 😀

~ Fiona



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