Windy Wellington

Wellington was our last big stop on the road trip. I changed our accommodation at the last minute and we were totally psyched when we pulled up at Jeff and Chrissie’s cottage in Granada North. Hanging out on the deck we all gazed over the rolling hills and had the same thought. We HAVE to get this in the movie. So one day was spent filming on the small road leading up to the powerstation behind Woodburn Cottage.

With the least amount of locations organised in Wellington I was set to hit the ground running, knocking on doors in the city trying to find someone who would let us film on their building. Absolutely amazingly, the first person we met in Wellington shrugged his shoulders and said ‘Sure, I can get you onto pretty much any building’, and proceed to do so.

We picked up a couple of featured extras in Wellington, including a Spanish guitarist, German, but there was one scene that we didn’t think we could expect a stranger to perform, so Joe and I reluctantly agreed to play the roles of “Jerks”. It’s payback time for the actors… Anton was so psyched about the opportunity to douce us both in coffee that he completely forgot to say his lines 😀

People often ask the differences between filming in New Zealand and California and honestly, we couldn’t do this in Hollywood. It would be a logistical nightmare, we’d need a crew 4 times as big, a budget 10 times the size, and it would all take at least twice as long to film. We’ve found New Zealanders to be so welcoming and interested in the filmmaking process that making Penny Black has been a logistical breeze. Sure, we don’t make union wages, but I can’t imagine anything more fun than making movies in New Zealand with our awesome cast and crew.

We were all sad to be leaving Wellington and heading back north. But, this is only the halfway point in our shooting schedule so still 12 days left. Whoop!!

~ Fiona


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