It’s a Wrap! (almost…) ~ Joe

We’ve filmed in Huntly, Hamilton, Taupo, Napier, Wellington, Te Aroha, Auckland, Pukekohe and lots of small towns and roads on the way. Of course the small towns are just as important as the cities, but we often didn’t know where we were. We took a “this location looks good for this scene” approach, and often took detours to find quiet roads.

<- Our location map looks a little something like this.

We’ve now wrapped our principle characters, completing our “Principle Photography” storyline with the exception of a few VFX shots, and our LAPWING superhero unit.

It’s been crazy.

It’s been dangerous.

It’s been fun.

Penny Black may be the first feature film I’ve ever directed, but it’s also the best one.

Now we concentrate on the Hamilton production of LAPWING. More info on that soon.

In the meantime, here are some interesting numbers:


Days Filming: 27 (including part days)
Weeks: 16 (2 full time)

Vehicles: 4 (3x Wicked Campers ~ Cast, Camera, Art Dept, and an RV for unit/production)

Cast: 38 (5 Principle, 8 Supporting, approximately 25 extras)
Crew: 10 (6 core crew, 4 off-set / or one-off rad people)
Road Distance: 1385Km (first 2 weeks only)

Police warnings : 1 (swinging hockey stick out window)
Speeding tickets: 1 (plus 2 for me in the week before filming)
Parking Tickets: 1 (Fiona made it as a prop, surprising we didn’t get a real one)…

Cars beeping at us: 30 (approx – most were angry locals in Hamilton and Taupo, I think the others were just teenagers excited about the Red Camera)

Near Death Experiences: 6 (Approximately – Astra says 7, Anton says less, I only endorsed 2)

Near Death Experiences caught on film: 1 (almost crashing on motorway – it looks rad)

Highest number of takes: 14 ( Moehau getting hit in the head with a tennis Ball )


Data Size: 4 Terrabytes (plus a backup hard drive the same size)
Cameras: 4 (but really just 1)~ Red Scarlet-X, Canon 5DmkII, Canon 60D, GoPro
Resolution: 4k (4096 x 2048 pixels) & HD for other cameras (hopefully won’t use them)
Aspect Ratio: 2.41
Redcode Compression: 6:1 (low light) and 8:1 up to 12:1 (Ext Day).
Shooting Ratio: 15:1 (estimated by file size which includes all wild footage).
Longest Take: 34 mins (GoPro on vehicle in front of Zebra Van on State Highway 1)


To all the kind folk who have volunteered their time and effort into making this project get this far.

“It’s not nailed down in stone yet” – Lapwing

You fullas are awesome. ~ Joe


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