Where is Penny Black? ~ Joe

We’ve been busy:


CONTRACTS: Dusty Barlow is the face of “Ubacat” Catfood.

ADR: Astra McLaren lays down some tracks

ADR: Soulful Astra McLaren lays down some tracks


EDITING: Brad Davison at the helm (keyboard)

ADR: Anton  Tennet

ADR: Anton Tennet recording pink flamingos outside his treehouse


TYPOGRAPHY: Producer Fiona Jackson tracing letters onto window.

DATA: Project is now 7Tb

DATA WRANGLING: Project is now 11 Terrabytes (Incl. 1 backup)


PREVIS: An example “pre-vis” shot where we will soon replace the sign.

Ubanu Billboard

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Thanks to our talented graphic designers Caspian Levers (who created this image to use in the film), Jeremy Woods and Craig Gilliver (Ubamart sign above) for helping us with UBANU advertising. Ubanu advertising appears on screens and signs throughout the film.

More news soon!