Behind the Music: Kids Instruments

Four musicians who have performed with NZSO, a punk rock drummer (who teaches music) and one of NZ’s favourite children’s entertainers improvising with kid’s instruments:

The soundtrack is largely “rock” based, including genres such as funk, jazz, punk rock (in 7/8 time), hip hop, and things I’ve never heard before.

The band watch the film one scene at a time, so they score without knowing what's coming next.

From Left: Jeremy Mayall, Chris Lam Sam, Nick Tipping, Nick Granville, Jeremy Badger. Photo by Dan Inglis

Musicians watched one scene at a time, improvising without knowing what’s coming in the following scene.

Music Supervisor Jeremy Mayall conducting. Photo by Dan Inglis

Instruments included piano accordion, peruvian flute, turntables, banana shaker and the keytar.

Plotting the score

Plotting the score, musicians take cues from the projected film. Photo by Dan Inglis

Instruments were recorded simultaneously on 24 separate audio tracks (10 drum tracks, 1 percussion, 2 bass, 3 guitars, 8 keys/electronics).

Penny Black Movie Band

The band live scoring to the projected film with Adam Page (Sax).

The original score will be complimented with tracks from bands and artists that contacted us, which we’ll confirm very soon.

You can see more photos in our Behind the Soundtrack Facebook gallery.

~ Joe


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