Astra and Anton

Meet the heroes of Penny Black – Penny and Guy.

In the real world they are actors known as Astra Mclaren and Anton Tennet.

We are very happy to have these two talented people on board, and we are now considering the other roles in the film.


~ Joe


Casting Now!

We have a variety of featured character roles to cast in our epic road movie, appearing all over the north island.

We are particularly interested in finding these lead characters:

  • Penelope, 21 years old – Penny is a unique looking covergirl model who always gets what she wants. She is intelligent, charismatic and funny, with a short temper.
  • Guy, 22 years old – Guy is an anarchist, dumpster diving freegan with rugged good looks. He is a successful small time criminal on his first big mission to take down the world’s largest corporation.
  • Brent, 18 years old – The young looking (and even younger acting) brother of Penelope, Brent is the strange comic relief character. He is obsessed with a superhero named LAPWING, he dresses and speaks like his idol.

Auditions will be held in Auckland, Hamilton and (hopefully) Wellington.

If you are interested in a part for the film, please email a headshot and brief summary of your acting experience (or a link to your work) to  before May 21st.

A few other characters are listed at:

You can also follow the film on our facebook page: