|| Post Update ||

People of the internet:

Sorry we’ve been slack with our updates but we are still busy working on the film!


VFX: If you’re a Visual Effects artist and want to help us get this thing finished please get in touch!


Introducing Mild America:

Mild America are one of the featured local artists on our soundtrack (though we aren’t using this track).

You can hear some early mix tracks from our original Score on Jeremy Mayall’s Soundcloud:


MOUSEGIRL (Aimee Newton) and LAPWING (Sasha Nixon) stop VIKING (Jeremy Mayall) from smashing.

MOUSEGIRL (Aimee Newton) and LAPWING (Sasha Nixon) stop VIKING (Jeremy Mayall) from smashing another car window.

Our 14 minute spin-off short film LAPWING has been re-connected in the Crayon online suite and will be getting colour graded by Mikee next week!

Completing LAPWING will double as our online workflow test for Penny Black.

Astra McLaren as Penny Black


Penny Black has been a collaboration of talented people working around commercial projects, so things always take a little longer for us. We are still “nearing the end” with a poster and trailer to come as soon as we confirm our release date.

Ben Woollen and Scott Granville win "Audience Choice Award" in Nevada.

Ben Woollen and Scott Granville of Chasing Time Productions win “Audience Choice Award”
for Serve and Protect.

After shooting Penny Black our DOP Ben Woollen directed a short film called Serve and Protect, which just won “Audience Award” at High Desert International Film Festival in Nevada. The short film also won the “People’s Choice Award” at Show Me Shorts Film Festival 2013. Nice work!

Music Supervisor and composer Jeremy Mayall was recently awarded the “Step Higher Award” to go to Nepal and work with Sir Edmund Hillary (or something like that).

After we wrapped shooting, our talent Anton Tennet joined the cast of Gaylene Preston’s Hope and Wire. The film premieres July 3 on TV3.

Producer Fiona Jackson is currently travelling around the country interviewing filmmakers for her PhD thesis, figuring out what we do and why we continue to do it.

I’m also starting pre-production a small film funded by the NZ Film Commission and doing Cinematography work to pay rent. Next week I’m going to Samoa and Tokelau to shoot a documentary on Climate Change for UNDP (here’s one we made in Tuvalu), but we’ll be back into final stages of Penny Black ASAP. I’ve also been directing some little things like this:

We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we have more news!

~ Joe (director).