Crowdfunding success!!

Well, much to our surprise, we reached our crowdfunding goal with 17 days to spare. Not only were our friends and family incredibly generous, but we received one totally surprising pledge that propelled us over the $2k mark. I was speechless for about 24 hours.

People have asked why we didn’t make our goal higher, when we could so obviously benefit from having a higher budget. We chose the modest goal of $2,000 for a few reasons.

  • Crowdfunding is new and relatively unheard of in New Zealand. Though people are beginning to use it successfully we are the first fictional feature film to hit our crowdfunding goal using a New Zealand based crowdfunding site. Most people who aren’t in a creative industry haven’t heard of crowdfunding at all.
  • Another reason is that our film is in pre-production. At this stage it’s hard for us to prove that it will be a success. We know we are asking pledgers to take a leap of faith in our ability to complete the film to a high standard. It’s been great to have so many people believe in us. Thanks 🙂
  • And lastly, Pledgeme uses an all or nothing system. If we tried for $10k and only got $4k, we’d get nothing.

With this $2k we have the funds we need to get us to post-production. Just. Of course there are still things we can’t afford that would go a long way towards making the film better.

In addition to the 3 awesome vans from Wicked Campers we would also like to rent a small RV so that we have a dedicated production office (and, more important to some, a toilet) on set wherever in the country we are. We calculate that this will cost around $650 for the vehicle and petrol down and up the country. So our next goal is to raise enough to also cover this cost. Only $505 to go!!

You can find our crowdfunding project here: Penny Black

Thanks once again to all our wonderful sponsors, for your pledges, and, just as importantly, for your support, which is priceless.

~ Fiona


Astra and Anton

Meet the heroes of Penny Black – Penny and Guy.

In the real world they are actors known as Astra Mclaren and Anton Tennet.

We are very happy to have these two talented people on board, and we are now considering the other roles in the film.


~ Joe