The Edit ~ Joe


Cameron Rhodes as Mike from Ubanu Corporation

We were scheduled to start ADR this month (post-recorded dialogue), but tumbleweeds roll by the microphone as Anton Tennet is currently away in the south island acting in Gaylene Preston’s new project “Hope and Wire”. Meanwhile Astra McLaren is now playing a character on NZ’s “Best Drama” Go Girls, and Toni Garson just started University.

You may have also noticed Astra appear on The Blue Rose recently, the cinematic TV show borrowed our Red Scarlet camera for their second unit filming late last year (Their main cameras were Red Epics which have the same camera sensor). Here’s a pic of Astra from The Blue Rose website:


Busy actors give us more time to tweak the edit (and do some paid work), and plan for the next step…


“No more than 10 VFX shots” – me being optimistic at start of production

We have a list of 29 VFX shots so far, fortunately most of them are simple shots.

For our advanced difficulty shots, our experienced friends Angela (Prince of Persia) & Miquel Ubeda (Man of Steel, Xmen, Harry Potter, Da Vinci code) are helping us out.

[Don’t worry, It’s going to look good]


Maiken Bryant performs “live-action photoshop”, making an advertisement on a screen with text and graphics stuck on as printed transparencies.

This shot was supposed to be recorded with a live video feed into the screen, but due to scheduling issues Penny the Cat is added in post (this is one of our simple VFX).

“Do it in Post” always sounds like a good idea at the time but it rarely is.

I make all the “pre-vis” shots in After Effects to show experienced VFX artists how it is supposed to look (without colour grading).

These temporary comps also means I can show people the film with less confusion (“why is the screen blank?”).

Hopefully we’ll post up some video with our next update. Thanks again for everyone’s support!